How can I analyse my school’s survey results and what action should I take as a result of that information?

Once staff start submitting their survey responses you can review what they have said. 

You may also find the survey responses help you in:

Depending on the responses you receive, the following Practitioner Reflection Framework could help you develop the quality of youth social action in your setting. The questions below are designed to help you as your school or college’s Careers Leader in prompting staff to reflect on how provision might map with the Gatsby Benchmarks and the skills and attributes that young people are developing as a result.

You do not need to follow the Framework line by line. Rather, use it flexibly and in response to areas of need in your setting.

Youth social action: Practitioner Reflection Framework
Questions about…
Opportunities and access
  • Which students are benefitting from this work? (For example, consider free school meal eligibility, the students’ ages, genders and ethnicities, special educational need or disability status, and their prior attainment)
  • How can we involve a wider range of young people?
  • What other activities or projects could we develop?
Links to wider learning
  • How does the youth social action link with other learning the young people are doing?
  • How will you help the young people build on their learning from the youth social action they participated in?
  • How can you incorporate what young people are doing through youth social action in your lesson planning?
  • What skills are students developing during these activities?
  • How can we capture the impact of this work on the wider community?
  • How can we capture the impact of this work on the young people involved?
  • What log will students have of the activities and skills they have been developing?
  • How can we talk about and share the impact and learning from this youth social action?
  • How could we share young people’s achievements with parents and our wider community?
Young people’s preparation and reflection
  • How can you prepare your young people for these activities?
  • How can young people use information about jobs in their local area to help them identify suitable or relevant opportunities for youth social action?
  • How can your young people reflect on these activities?
  • How can you support young people to understand the impact that they’ve had on the community through their youth social action?
  • How does the youth social action provide encounters with employers and employees working elsewhere?
  • What external partners (including employers or other people and organisations) can we work with? Are there others we should approach?
  • How can we maintain and build these relationships?
  • Does any further work need to be done with the wider community in order for young people to participate in youth social action more effectively?
  • What can I do (as Careers Leader) to support you?
  • What other support would you like?