First and foremost, supporting youth social action can enable employers to:

  • Help young people develop important competencies, skills and knowledge, relevant to their future careers and lives as adults
  • Support their local communities
  • Help local schools offer a rounded education that includes meaningful experiences with employers

Youth social action can involve young people visiting and experiencing workplaces, as well as opportunities to tie these experiences back to their classroom learning.

How can employers support youth social action?

Employers have an important role to play in supporting youth social action. Employers can approach schools and colleges directly, or through brokerage services and platforms such as local enterprise coordinators, and offer to support young people’s youth social action projects and activities.

You can find examples of how employers can support youth social action in our case studies and examples.  You can download and print a handy guide on what youth social action is and how employers can use it and benefit from it here.