Youth social action is something that is often already happening in schools and colleges.  This toolkit has been designed to help you find out what activity is already happening in your school or college, and understand how it supports a high quality careers programme that meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Youth social action can also help you develop partnerships with employers and businesses by designing innovative opportunities and activities that keep community and social action at the heart of relationships. The case studies and examples available in the toolkit will give you concrete examples to help you do this.

You can download a printable guide to youth social action and careers education for teachers, school and college leaders here.


How can teachers, school and college leaders use the youth social action toolkit?

You can use this toolkit to support your school or college Careers Leader:

  1. to lead a whole staff session on youth social action in your school or college
  2. to use the interactive survey tool to gain insight into the youth social action activities that have already taken place over the last twelve months, and that are planned for the next year
  3. to analyse and reflect on their survey responses. You could use this framework which has been developed specifically to support you to do this
  4. to support young people in preparing for, and reflecting on the youth social action they have participated in using the following frameworks: