This toolkit is designed to help you, your colleagues, other partners and young people understand:

  • What youth social action is
  • How it can benefit young people, schools, colleges and communities
  • How it can support high quality careers education
  • What provision is currently available in schools and colleges
  • How to build on existing provision
  • How to prepare for and reflect on youth social action

The information and resources in this section were created for The Careers & Enterprise Company as part of their commitment to the #iwill campaign by the ‘think and action-tank’, The Centre for Education and Youth. This was done in collaboration with a wide range of partners including schools and colleges, careers advisers, employers, and young people. The toolkit was jointly funded by the #iwill Fund and The Careers & Enterprise Company. You can read more about the research that informed this toolkit here and about the #iwill Fund here.

This toolkit is intended to be simple to use, helping Careers Leaders and others support and develop youth social action, to enable more of their young people to be active citizens in their school or college and wider communities. 

The toolkit is designed to be viewed online, but if you prefer to print off a copy you can access a PDF by clicking here.

We recommend working through the five steps in this section sequentially:


Develop your knowledge and understanding of what youth social action is and how it can support your work as a Careers Leader

Session plan

Use the session plan and powerpoint to share this information with your colleagues more widely, maybe through a whole school or college staff meeting or an inset day

Careers & Youth Social Action Survey for Careers Leaders

Use the interactive survey tool to help gauge current engagement with youth social action in your setting, and identify next steps in building provision

Analyse and build on your survey results

Learn how you can use the results of your survey to help you complete your Compass and Tracker tools as part of your role as a Careers Leader

Young People Guided Preparation and Reflection Frameworks

Prepare young people to get the most of out their youth social action experiences through guided reflection