Fundraising with a community coffee afternoon


  • 28 students
  • 14 to 15 year olds
  • 14 weeks

Following a visit from Save the Children charity, students at King’s Leadership Academy organised and ran a fundraising coffee afternoon that was open to the local community. Students baked cakes and biscuits in advance, on the day there were book sales, live music, raffles and games while students interacted with customers. The main aim of this activity was for students to give back to their local community and experience the meaning of volunteering.

Run by: English Practitioner and Leader of World of Work

External involvement: Save the Children

Other attributes developed: Professionalism, endeavour, organisational skills

Reflection: Students were asked to complete a reflection log and present a reflection presentation. The activity was also recorded as part of their Duke of Edinburgh and was put on their CVs

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Ensure students have the opportunity to link the skills developed (budgeting, marketing, sales and communication) to their subject areas (e.g. English, maths or business). Inviting staff from the charity to tell students about their own career journey can expand students’ understandings of pathways. Links to Gatsby Benchmark 4 and 5 - Linking curriculum learning to careers, encounters with employees and employers

Links to curriculum learning: Leadership, numeracy, literacy and oracy