Changing how our school deals with litter


  • 15 students
  • 11 to 16 year olds
  • 6 months

A group of students at Woodbrook Vale School successfully applied for a grant to purchase new recycling bins to go across their school grounds. All rubbish from the school was previously sorted offsite, however students felt that taking ownership for recycling would help to tackle the litter problem in their school. Once the bins had been chosen and ordered, students led assemblies, planned activities for tutor times and monitored bin use at lunch times to encourage their peers to start recycling their rubbish.

Run by: Science Teacher and Head of Year 8

External involvement: Support from WE schools, grant from The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

Other attributes developed: Empowerment to tackle issues in the community, analytical thinking, budgeting, research skills, procurement skills

Reflection: Students were supported to write reflections on this project, identifying what could be improved for future work

Links to curriculum learning: Maths, science

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Students could be encouraged to explore the range of career pathways related to environment and sustainability. Links to Gatsby Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers