Restart a heart day


  • 20 young people from four schools
  • 12 to 18 year olds
  • 1 day

Students from schools across Birmingham took part in a UK Resuscitation Council initiative sponsored by The British Heart Foundation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. During the day, students took part in a tour of the Emergency Department, saw inside ‘Kids NTS’ (Kids Intensive Decision Support/Neonatal Transfer Service) and St John Ambulance vehicles, and experienced a short cardiac arrest simulation, in order to introduce the situations in which CPR may be required.  Young people then learned the vital skill of CPR and returned to their schools as ‘CPR Champions’.

Run by: Led by staff from Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Other attributes developed: knowledge of CPR, confidence to use new skills, general introduction to an NHS hospital environment and the various volunteering opportunities and careers involved

Reflection: Students were supported by their teachers to present what they had learnt to the rest of their school

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Ensure students are told about the range of job roles and pathways available. Links to Gatsby Benchmarks 5 and 6 - Encounters with employers and employees, and experiences of workplaces

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