Selling vegetables grown in school


  • 15 students
  • 13-16 years old
  • 2 year project

Students at George Salter Academy have been growing vegetables in a school garden to sell in a pop-up shop for the local community, after visiting local soup kitchens and finding out about their work. Younger pupils involved in the project are heading up the gardening, designing a garden and taking care of the plants to provide an area in the school for conversation and reflection. Older students are running the shop, learning skills used in starting up and maintaining a small business. The pop-up shop aims to make a profit which will then be put back into the project, allowing funding for more gardening.

Run by: Learning Support Assistant

External involvement: Local Authority provided links to local food charities

Other attributes developed: Confidence, entrepreneurship

Reflection: The project is run by a student steering group who meet weekly to discuss how the project is running and reflect on skills gained.

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Employee volunteers could be invited to talk to students about the range of careers in horticulture or running a small business. Links to Gatsby Benchmarks 4 and 6 - Linking careers to curriculum learning and experiences of workplaces

Links to curriculum learning: Links to oracy in literacy, PSHE