Reducing our community’s water and plastic consumption


  • 8 students
  • Year 7
  • 1 term

Having understood how much water goes into making our clothes and the everyday items that we eat or use and throw away, students at Beaconhurst Secondary School in Scotland decided to take action. Using Global Action Plan’s Water Explorer programme, they organised a series of awareness raising events for their whole school and local community, secured commitments from local businesses to reduce their plastic and water consumption, peer-mentored younger students and raised money for Oxfam’s Haiti hurricane appeal.

Run by: Teacher

External involvement: Activity plans provided by Global Action Plan. Local businesses involved

Other attributes developed: Entrepreneurship

Reflection: Students were supported to reflect and present their work to peers

Links to curriculum learning: Activities linked to literacy, geography, citizenship, maths, food technology and science

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Students could explore related jobs in sustainability and manufacturing. Links to Gatsby Benchmarks 4 and 5 - Linking curriculum learning to careers, and encounters with employers and employees