Making pledges to combat climate change


  • 5 young people
  • 16 to 19 year olds
  • 6 week project

Students from Swiss Cottage school, a special school in Camden, learnt more about the environment and climate change using trips to the different museums, gardens and allotments. As part of their learning, and using ‘WE go green’ resources, students made pledges to make changes in school and at home to help combat climate change and embed awareness of the social responsibility people have to protect the planet. The class also planted bee friendly plants in the school garden.

Run by: Class Teacher

External involvement: WE schools, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, local allotments

Other attributes developed: Understanding of environmental issues, travelling safely (as part of trips)

Reflection: Students created a wall display using photos from activities to help reflect on each trip

Links to curriculum learning: PSHE and Personal Learning Skills though communication with external practitioners and travel offsite

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Employees at the museum, garden or allotments could be invited to share their career journeys and talk about the range of careers open to students. Links to Gatsby Benchmark 5 & 6 - Encounters with employers and employees, and experiences of workplaces