Learning about homelessness in our area


  • 35 students
  • 16 to 18 year olds
  • Two 10 week phases

Students at School 21 learnt about homelessness in order to create a documentary film aiming to start a new conversation about homelessness in their local area. The project ran in two phases, one in year 12 and one in year 13. Students researched the issue by finding out more about the causes and speaking to stakeholders before learning the skills needed to film and produce the documentary.

Run by: School Multimedia Manager

External involvement: Local Authority staff, charity workers and people experiencing homelessness, external film production experts

Other attributes developed: Understanding of homelessness, compassion, professionalism, editing and filming techniques

Reflection: Throughout the project students were encouraged to reflect on their journey and thoughts on the issue

Links to curriculum learning: Links to School 21 curriculum area “Head, Heart and Hand”. The project relied on persuasive writing when it came to scripting and social media

Opportunities to link to career-related learning: Employees from a media company could run a workshop in film making and share real-life examples of delivering client projects. Links to Gatsby Benchmarks 4 and 5 - Linking curriculum learning to careers, and encounters with employers and employees